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The Short


NEXTG Exempt Telecommunications Company

Certified by the FCC Federal Communications Commission

& Registered by the FCC with the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C., USA United States of America



BioEnergy Potable Water/Hydrogen powered Disaster Recovery & 1St Responders Network, How it Works.

Roy Jimenez
Chairman of the Board
NextG Corporation


NextG Corporation (also known as NextG “NxG”, the Company) is certified by the FCC Federal Communications Commission and registered with the SEC- Securities and Exchange Commission: as an “ETC “ Exempt Telecommunications Company. The Company can complete solutions that can IP Multicast to any television, cell phone, internet connection, game port and computer from a single signal. This signal is called multi-casting services via fiber optic utility lines and wireless internet.

The business model is to rollout over 2,000 4K resolution; Digital television channels, local and regional TV stations like ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, new market entrants international channels like the Global, BBC and NHK, pay per view movies and sport channels. NextG will reach an international population within California of over 38.8 million and 10 million homes passed. Special TV channels will be dedicated to Emergency 1st Responders Search and Rescue Disaster Recovery’ communications training.

The income model is from monthly fees from multi-media subscribers. The income includes paid services from Digital TV television, cell phone DTV services, internet TV broadcasting (OVS/OVD deregulated cable company) subscribers, California Statewide Cable Franchise (exemptions pending approval California Public Utilities Commission). Home computers & laptop paid subscriptions via open Internet access F.C.C rulings 2015. These advanced DTV TV Services will also be available to automobiles, bus and train transport companies. The income includes subscriber services to utility companies, new market entrants, providing entertainment services to their subscriber’s base. The income includes, affiliate partner operator’s fees; whom will operate and distribute the signals in an exclusive operating agreement in select markets and international regions who desire American programming.

The Zuma Beach Malibu Estimated INCOME

NEXTGs Zuma Beach Malibu income and expenses will look like this during these eight year FCC Government exemptions. This is a conservative forecast, meant to meet USCIS requirements for EB-5 Investor guidelines: the estimated total income all direct subscribership, advertising sales and indirect support income:

A. Total Estimated 7yr Income KHDTV …………1st Responders Network $644 Million
B. Estimated Cost of Facilities, Operations ……….., Support, Commissions $350 Million
C. The Estimated Pre Tax Income After all Expenses $294 Million

Direct Funding START UP COST
There are two rounds of LLC Company Direct Funding: Round
The 1st Round (A) Land Escrow, Zuma Beach, Los Angeles, CA $15.00 Million
a. Technology trials, Test & Certify the broadcasting network and devices . 1.00 Million b. Architectural Designs, Engineering, Concepts and government requirements, permits 1.00 Million c. Telecommunication Network Government Exemptions, registrations and licensing 1.00 Million d. Total START UP COST $ 19.00 Million
e. Direct Investment Promoter, Broker Commissions 1.80 Million

Total 1st Round Direct Funding $ 19.80 Million


Direct Funding START UP COST

2nd Round Funding (B) Direct Funding LLC
The Second Round (B) Funding
a. The 1,500 Channel Broadcasting Facility $ 20.00 M
b. 2nd Disaster Recovery Training Facility Zuma Beach 20 Acres TV Remote Facility 10.00 M
c. International EB5 Commissions* subject to USCIS New Rules Guidelines 2016-2017 5.00 M
d. EB5 Direct Investment Promoter, Broker Commissions 4.00 M
e. Total 2nd Round Direct Funding $ 39.00 M

1st Round (A&B) Direct Investment Funding Requirements “The Offering” $ 50.00 M


The estimated EB-5 jobs created is 3,500 “direct & indirect jobs created”. The estimated income from all sources is about $250 Million in five years. The income model would comply with the 80% made in California exemptions subject to registration. NextG will apply for CPCN Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity as an Exempt Utility in 4th quarter, 2015, as Certified by the FCC Federal Communications Commission and registered with the SEC Securities & Exchange Commission, as: an ETC-Exempt Telecommunications Company.

How is this possible; On June 25th, 2015 NextG acquired the assets of DBC-Digital Broadcasting Company, KHDTV and the respected holding companies. NextG is certified by the FCC, with special exemptions in: OVS Open Video Services, with “exempt federal entitlement exemptions”. Additionally, NextG updated its SEC Commission certification to reflect an investment offering to develop a 1st Responders telecommunications and broadcasting facilities in Malibu, California. Lastly, NEXTG has developed an EB-5 Investor Visa TEA Target Employment Area map for the Malibu area that will allow EB-5 investments: subject to the State of California certification.


Why Here: NextG International Headquarters will be located in Malibu, California. This unique location extend into the pacific ocean land area that allows easy reach to all of California, this location can reach 95% of the California population as well as central and northern California. NxG under the brand name Digital Broadcasting OVD: can reach the international markets like: for EAS 1st Responders communications and “Netflicks and Amazon” type internet IP services. The only difference is that we have the FCC authority and Exempt Telecommunications Company Certifications, with FCC ID numbers.

What is the Need: The need is a public’s choice other than the local cable company. NextG will partner with other utility companies, new market entrants and the Red Cross or EAS 1st Responders, providing back up communications in time of need and national emergencies. Provide advanced training for rapid deployment services: supported by funding generated by advanced TV entertainment television and information services mentioned above within their respected countries and USAID Disaster Recovery training and grants. These services are not currently available due to lack of funding.

All that is needed: is the broadcasting facility, independent power generation and the land development site. Currently we are in negotiation to open escrow, development plans: and the supporting investment partners. Our affiliate partners have already met with local coastal commission, county planners and the United States national park service. The general location is Zuma Beach, Malibu, and County of Los Angeles, California. We have the legal authority to raise the funding: are you ready to join us and do the right humanity fund raising to support all the above: JOIN US NOW it’s in your future.

NextG is poised to become a leader in defining the defacto broadband IP DTV broadcast via all broadcast, Internet and wireless Medias. The Interactive Internet service provides carriers with a means to utilize existing television, wireless-cellular and utility company landline infrastructures to provide information services: We are an Exempt Telecommunications Company certified provider by the F.C.C.


Through our NextG Holding Company ventures; KHDTV (FCC approval DA-04-03) will provide DTV, telecommunications, information services and internet to EAS 1st Responders and the Public. The main facility will be located in Zuma Beach, Malibu, and County of Los Angeles, California. The development will include 100 acres of prime property, and include: water treatment facilities, Bio-Co-Energy Generation & Communications facilities. The Real Estate Development (RED) partner, NextG and XHD, will seek Exempt Utility Company status in California from the Public Utilities Commission; building the International headquarters. XHDTV Television and its Affiliate ETC member companies specifically XHD, KHDT TV, (Broadband MDU), Digital Broadcasting OVS and other ETC affiliate companies like ID Interactive Digital, are available for cross licensing. The facility will be an Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), and DVB European Union standards compliant. KHDTV is in process of FCC application, for a Ultra HDTV broadcasting license in Los Angeles, CA.

The short is: that (NEXTG) will develop the world’s premier First Responders support facilities of encrypted 4K data resolution, EAS disaster recovery information services in the Public convenience, need, access and safety. All development and services are underwritten by a infrastructure development tax within each subscribers monthly billing. All services can be provided across multiple media distribution platforms at the same time. USAID grants & HLS applications could move forward subject to USAID proposals and or FCC HLS approvals.

Affiliates ID Interactive Digital and KHDTV have proposed international facilities in Costa Rica, Baja California, or other Ukraine: subject to USAID grant considerations

NextG Affiliate Digital broadcasting OVS has already indicated a preliminary F.C.C license application and subject to updated review application under new regulations pending April, 2017 FCC rulings, mergers and cable consolidations as of May 26th, 2015: and is currently amending filing requirements, as the FCC is undergoing changes.

We are offering a PPM Private Placement Memorandum to raise $100,000,000 Dollars (200 Investor Visa EB-5 applicants) in the 1st Round Funding to start up the facilities in Zuma Beach, County of Los Angeles, California and European offices in Odessa, Ukraine. The Regulation D forms filed with the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission, EDGAR: Form D: May 1st, 2015. The preliminary offering included facilities location, real property, land improvements, 4K/8K Ultra HDTV broadcasting facilities and onsite Bio-fuel cogeneration power facilities.

DOE Department of Energy: The facilities would be qualified for up to 80% loan guarantees for the facility and land improvements. The green designed project would also qualify for carbon credits to qualified investors.

Here is how it works:

Here is how we plan to use the facilities: 1) Location, Zuma Beach, California. 2) Will accept recycled waterer waste & convert to Hydrogen Electric Power = Zero pollution. 3) The Hydrogen Electric Powered 2,000 HDTV and International channels, telecommunications & Ultra HDTV Broadcasting Station 4) Surplus agriculture water sold to local vineyards 5) Reserve firefighting water ready for fire fighters in time of emergency. 5) Hydrogen fuel sold to the State of California. 6) Limited housing sites & rehab center. 7) Training facility for EAS 1st Responders.

Members of the Costa Rican Red Cross transport a 65-year-old female earthquake victim here from a Joint Task Force-Bravo helicopter to a waiting ambulance Jan. 10 in San Miguel, Costa Rica. Four JTF-Bravo helicopters and 34 American servicemembers deployed from Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, at the request of the Costa Rican government to provide lifesaving support to those affected by the earthquake. (U.S. Air Force photo/1st Lt. Candace Park)

Ultra HDTV Broadcasting Radial Signal Range reaching 90% of the State of California Population
Zuma Beach, Malibu, County of Los Angeles, California, 90265

The 100 acres is the proposed NextG telecommunication facilities: also (right) is the Proposed TEA EB-5 Investor Visa map area.

The FCC Authority



                        Federal Communications Commission
                        445 12th St., S.W.
                        Washington, D.C. 20554

August 27, 2004                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DA 04-2749

KHDTV BROADCASTING SEEKS Commission Determination of
“Exempt Telecommunications Company”
Under the Public Utility Holding Company Act

Comp. Pol. File No. ETC 04-03
Pleading Cycle Established

Comments Due: September 13, 2004                Reply Comments Due: September 20, 2004

            OnAugust 25, 2004, KHDTV Broadcasting (KHDTV or Applicant), located at 21 Westminster Ave., S-209, Venice, CA 90291, officially filed an application requesting a determination by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) that it is an “exempt telecommunications company” (ETC), pursuant to section 34(a)(1) of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA), 15 U.S.C. §§ 79 et seq., as amended by section 103 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-104, and section 1.5002 of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. § 1.5002.


            The application indicates that KHDTV is a privately held Delaware corporation, and a wholly-owned division of XHDTV Broadcasting Corporation.  KHDTV states that it will be engaged directly or indirectly through one or more affiliates exclusively in the business of providing:  (a) telecommunications services; (b) information services; (c) other services or products subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission; and/or (d) products or services that are related or incidental to the provision of the products or services described in (a), (b), or (c).

            Specifically, KHDTV indicates that it intends to offer Enhanced DTV cellular and wireless broadcasting services, and dual purpose “Ultra Broadband Wireless Internet Broadcasting Service.”  KHDTV states that the DTV Must Carry facility service will provide V-Chip conditioned content and other interactive information services.  KHDTV further states that the dual purpose facility or licensed ETC affiliate facilities will multi-cast Homeland Security Broadcast and Audio-Video Emergency Alert DTV Services directly to the public, affiliate DTV broadcasters or non-affiliate companies.  KHDTV indicates that the “Ultra Broadband Wireless Internet Broadcasting Service” facility is providing Next Generation HDTV Information Services in the interest of public safety, and that KHDTV will establish, develop, operate and maintain an on premises research and development Ultra Broadband Wireless Internet DTV Broadcast facility.

            KHDTV indicates that its next generation DTV Ultra Broadband Datacasting service is intended for Personal Wireless DTV, PDA and 3G cell phone, and enhanced 802.11 broadband Hot Spot wide area fixed networks and mobile portable networks.  Specifically, KHDTV states that the Enhanced DTV services will multiplex DTV, wireless and landline networks to complete the last mile local loops via broadcast and utility wireless and landline.  KHDTV indicates that it plans to offer Crisis Communication Management Center network facilities and conditioned access interfaces to Homeland Security and Emergency Alert Service Authorities, officials and first response providers.  KHDTV states that it will also establish Regional Disaster Recovery Communication Centers that will provide ETC affiliate licensing via FCC certification to establish a Regional Network in the United States.  The application indicates that in addition to, or in lieu of, these activities, KHDTV may engage in the future in such other business activities as are consistent with the definition of an ETC set forth in section 34(a)(1) of the PUHCA.

            In accordance with section 1.5003, 47 C.F.R § 1.5003, a person applying in good faith for a Commission determination of ETC status is deemed to be an ETC from the date of receipt of the application, in this case August 25, 2004, until the date of Commission action pursuant to section 1.5004.  In accordance with section 1.5004 of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R § 1.5004, if the Commission does not take action by issuing an order denying an ETC application within sixty (60) days of receipt of an application, in this case October 24, 2004, theapplication will be deemed granted as a matter of law.  In accordance with section 1.5005, 47 C.F.R. § 1.5005, the Secretary of the Commission will notify the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) if the Applicant is determined to be an Exempt Telecommunications Company.

                    This proceeding is considered a “permit but disclose” proceeding for purposes of the Commission’s ex parte rules, 47 C.F.R. §§ 1.1200 ‑ 1.1216.  Pursuant to section 1.5007 of the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. § 1.5007, interested parties may file comments on or before September 13, 2004 and reply comments are due on or before September 20, 2004.  Comments in this proceeding may not be filed using the Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).  All filings concerning any of the matters referenced in this Public Notice should refer to Comp. Pol. File No. ETC 04-03.  All comments should also be served on the Applicant at the address listed above.

                    Interested parties should file an original and four (4) copies of their comments with the Office of the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th St., S.W., Room TW-A325, Washington, D.C. 20554.  In addition, parties should send one (1) copy to Best Copy and Printing, Inc., Portals II, 445 12th Street, S.W., Room CY-B402, Washington, D.C., 20554, telephone (202) 488-5300, facsimile (202) 488-5563, or via e-mail at FCC@BCPIWEB.COM, and two (2) copies to Carmell Weathers, Competition Policy Division, Wireline Competition Bureau, Federal Communications Commission, Portals II, 445 12th Street, S.W., Room 6-A423, Washington, D.C. 20554.  Commenters are also requested to fax their comments to the FCC at (202) 418-2345, Attention:  Carmell Weathers.

                    For further information, contact Carmell Weathers, (202) 418-2325 (voice), carmell.weathers@fcc.gov, or Rodney McDonald, (202) 418-7513 (voice), rodney.mcdonald@fcc.gov, of the Competition Policy Division, Wireline Competition Bureau.  The TTY number is (202) 418-0484.


ID Interactive Digital


ID The Green Simple Story 

ID “Interactive Digital” ( ID) iscertified by the Federal Communications Commission as an Exempt Telecommunications Company in the United States of America. The company is the first in the US to be certified by the Federal Communications Commission “FCC” to provide New Communications Services via your electric connection at home or office. ID is developing IP HDTV architectures to provide Green waste to energy generation developments that power television stations and Emergency 1st Responder Communications Centers.

The Company’s objective is to be the leading provider of television, radio and Internet via your electric lines where you live or work. This connection is called by some Government Officials as the “3rd Pipe” into communities. The specific FCC exemptions allow us to develop with Utility Companies and new market developers these services in the name of Public safety. This Government authorized service is called “sooner than later” Advanced Telecommunications Services”.

ID is preparing to register with State and Local Governments as an Exempt Utility, doubling the current uses of existing electric lines. These existing “Third Pipes” can now provide what’s called “Electric Broadband Broadcasting Service” that can include; wireless Internet, HDTV, digital radio and Emergency alerts via your existing electric line.

The goal is to provide the shortest possible connections of new “Third Pipe modems” into offices, homes thus reducing the cost of operations, sharing the savings with subscribers and provide Advance Telecommunications services to the Public.

ID is currently seeking interested developing Partners to register waste to energy projects; with the European Union, the Kyoto Protocol and in the USA under the “Energy Independence and Security Act”.  Our developments is an Green tax exempt Developer Company our own waste to energy electric power that power up our telecommunications services and broadcast directly into your electric lines. These new advanced services will save you money on energy, heating and communications and will be made possible via Government Green Energy Tax Investment Credits.

ID is a Certified Exempt Telecommunications Company “ETC” by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C. ID currently holds Government Certifications that allow expedited processing, shorten permit processing times with “sooner than later’; exempt “ETC” Utility powers. Future ID Certified Development Projects will benefits the Public’s Interest beyond normal Utility Company abilities, like appliances that have Internet video screens providing SMART Services like: Digital radio, and Emergency Alert Services.


The “Third Pipe” Utility & Telecommunications empowers multiple news sources, weather patterns, Red Cross emergency news via your existing electric wall plug.  ID offers levels of EmergencyInformation On Demand on an as needed basis to the Public.

ID is developing Advanced Green Projects and field trials under Exempt FCC Certifications. Our Company is currently seeking Regional Governing Authorities to benefit as Command Heads utilizing our future services in the Publics Interest and Safety. ID is seeking to promote and raise all development coast, operating expenses; and an estimated savings to the Public via, ECO Energy Investments under Green ECO Carbon Investment Credits. These projects would include International renewable “carbon free” Energy Projects, new housing and business developments seeking to utilize our new Exempt Net Utility “Third Pipes”.   ID currently is in the design, promotion stage of these Advanced Broadband Services allowed by International Treaties and Government exemptions.


ID is a wholly owned division of XHDTV Broadcasting Corporation, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Exempt Telecommunications Company. ID incorporates waste to energy generation, land developments, products and services empowering ECO buildings and Communities.ID has the FCC Exemptions to expedite sooner than later together with Investment Partners. Interested parties should contact ID for further information on how we can help you make your development Project Green and  Exempt under USA and International Treaties. 

The Technology Field Trials

NextG Corporation (also known as NextG “NxG”, the Company) is certified by the FCC Federal Communications Commission and registered with the SEC- Securities and Exchange Commission: as an “ETC “ Exempt Telecommunications Company. The Company can complete solutions that can IP Multicast to any television, cell phone, internet connection, game port and computer from a single signal.  This signal is called multi-casting services via fiber optic utility lines and wireless internet.

The Beta Field Trials

Preliminary  trials will be conducted in the Malibu/Venice Beach areas. Current 1st Responders will be invited to participate in the field trial using 4K and 8K IP Broadcasting technology. The estimated timeline will begin in the third quarter of 2017.